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We are in need of books on the topic of Environmental Sciences or Environmental Studies for Gifted Students. The book length should be 65 to 75 pages.

We are seeking articles for publication in future issues of Gifted Education Press Quarterly in the following areas.*

1. Impact of "No Child Left" Legislation on gifted education programs.

2. Future and needs of gifted education in the United States

3. Mathematics and science education for the gifted

4. Study of technology such as aeronautics and rocket design

5. Humanities and literature education for the gifted

6. Identification and Education of Young Gifted Children

7. Role of music, art and dance in the education of gifted children

8. Use of MI Theory in gifted education

9. Parenting the gifted

10. Design of unique programs and methods for identifying gifted minority students

11. Special schools for the gifted

12. Strategies for effective parent advocacy

13. Training teachers of the gifted

14. Techniques for developing imagination and innovation among teachers and students

15. Innovative summer programs for gifted students

Article Length - 3000 to 4000 words.

*This list is by no means exhaustive.


We are also interested in publishing brief essays in Gifted Education News-Page of 450 to 550 words on topics related to the humanities (e.g., literature, philosophy), mathematics and the sciences (e.g., physics, biology).

Please contact me at if you would like to write an article or brief essay on any of the above topics or some other topic.  

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In addition, the following URL provides a "Road Map" for all of our Advanced Differentiated Learning publications. It a guide to all of our books in math, science, the humanities, and methods of teaching the gifted.



Maurice Fisher, Ph.D.


Gifted Education Press