Golden Quills:  Creative Thinking and Writing Lessons for Middle-School Gifted Students

(ISBN 0-910609-56-X)

By  Dr. Robert E. Myers        Healdsburg, California

Creative Learning Consultant and Nationally Recognized Authority on Creative Learning and Teaching


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"This is not your typical Language Arts workbook. It is a well thought-out approach to teaching differentiated and creative language arts -- written by a master teacher educator, and worldwide expert on creativity training. Buy this book!"  Eugenia Fisher, Ed.D.    Reading and Curriculum Educator

“If you want to read an exciting approach to studying the English language by an individual with a longstanding connection to the genius of American creativity research, E. Paul Torrance, this is the book for you. Myers brings together the conceptual thoughts of the creativity and gifted fields in a challenging learning experience for the gifted.”  Michael E. Walters, Ed.D.   Center for the Study of the Humanities in the Schools   New York City

Written by a Highly Experienced Educator and Designer of Learning Materials for Stimulating Gifted Students' Creative Learning and Thinking Abilities.

Dr. Myers is one of the pioneers in Creativity Research and Applications in the United States. He received his doctorate under the direction of Professor E. Paul Torrance at the University of Georgia.

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This Book is an Exciting Teacher Manual and Student Workbook containing Twenty-Seven Lessons that will Stimulate Creative Learning Abilities in Language Arts. Gifted students will find the lessons to be enjoyable and educationally worthwhile to work on.

These Lessons Can be Effectively Used with Gifted Students at Both the Upper Elementary and Middle School Levels.

They can be Presented in the Regular Classroom, Differentiated Gifted Classroom, Cluster Groups, and in Home Schooling Gifted Children.

The Book Contains Teacher Guides and Student Work-Sheets for Completing Each Lesson. Dr. Myers constantly engages in a Humorous and Stimulating discussion with the Teacher and Gifted Student.

Each Lesson also has Targeted Learner Outcomes that Focus the Teacher and Student upon Achieving Specific Language Arts Results.

Students Create their own Imaginative Uses for Different Types of Words and Phrases. In later lessons, they engage in Imaginative Fiction and Non-Fiction writing. As they proceed through the lessons, they gradually extend their imagination and skills to writing interesting essays.

Examples of Specific Lessons are: • Composing Riddles  • Producing Original Similes • Explaining Difficult Questions  • Paraphrasing Sentences • Depicting Idioms •  Paragraph with Description  •   Fictional Narrative  •  Persuasive Essay  •  Non-Fiction Narrative.       Click this Link for the Complete Table of Contents.


See a Sample Lesson on Writing a Personal Anecdote -- Click Here





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About the Author

Dr. Robert E. Myers

R. E. Myers began his career in education as an elementary and middle-school teacher in California, Oregon, and Minnesota.  After receiving a master's degree at Reed College, he was fortunate in working with E. Paul Torrance, who was recognized as a worldwide authority on creativity, assisting Torrance in his pioneering research efforts and collaborating with him in the writing of instructional materials. Myers received his doctorate from the University of Georgia under the direction of Professor Torrance. 

As a professor of education, Dr. Myers has taught courses about the gifted at the Universities of Oregon, Victoria, and Portland, as well as courses in language arts, human growth and development, and educational psychology.  He has lectured and given workshops throughout the United States and Canada.

Dr. Myers has written over 30 books and dozens of articles about encouraging creative thinking. The earliest of these were called the Ideabooks and were written with Dr. Torrance for Ginn and Company.  The most recent have been Writing a Personal Essay (Teaching and Learning, 2008), Figures of Speech (Teaching and Learning, 2008), Time to Write (Good Year, 2006), and Respect Matters (Good Year, 2006), which won a Teachers Choice Award in 2007. In between those publications, Dr. Myers wrote and produced the film "Feather," which won a CINE Golden Eagle award, and co-authored with Dr. Torrance Creative Learning and Teaching (Harper, 1970), which was named Pi Lambda Theta Book of the Year in 1971.

Dr. Myers taught gifted students for many years, and he is still in touch with over a dozen of the brightest of them.  They include an artist, an actor, a lawyer, a foreign services officer who is an author of science fiction books and short stories, a carpenter, a forest ranger, and an electronics inventor.


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