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Colleen Willard-Holt, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University And Dan Holt, Ph.D., Educational Consultant

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"Much nonsense has been written about multiple intelligences theory in general, and about its relation to gifted education, in particular. This book is serious and sensible; it helps in the effort to use ideas of multiple intelligences constructively in an important and contentious area of education." Professor Howard Gardner, Harvard University


Explicitly addresses the connection between Multiple Intelligences and gifted education.

The information contained in this book is applicable to K-12 gifted programs.

The chapters focus on specific topics/issues concerned with assessing different intelligences and designing appropriate programs. Chapter 1-What is the Theory of Multiple Intelligences? Chapter 2-Gifted Programs and Multiple Intelligences Chapter 3-Introducing Students to Multiple Intelligences Chapter 4-Multiple Intelligences and Curriculum Differentiation for the Gifted  Chapter 5-Multiple Intelligences and Assessment  Chapter 6-Nurturing MI at Home Chapter 7-MI and Self-Concept.

Several useful materials are contained in the appendices that can be used in applying MI Theory to the gifted classroom, such as: (1) MI/Gifted Identification Matrix; (2) Assessing My Own Multiple Intelligences; (3) Multiple Intelligences Self-Discovery Quiz; (4) Center Tasks for Teaching Theme-Related Objective; and (5) The MI Challenge.

Applying Multiple Intelligences to Gifted Education is the most comprehensive resource available today for using Professor Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory in gifted programs. Order copies today!



Completely Revised and Updated

A Work of Major Importance in Understanding and Applying Multiple Intelligences Theory

Multiple Intelligences in the World

- Second Edition -

Quotations and Bibliographies for the Study, Understanding and Application of Verbal, Logical Mathematical, Musical, Bodily Kinesthetic, Visual Spatial, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Naturalist Intelligence

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Maurice D. Fisher, Ph.D., Editor


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Statements by Educators About Multiple Intelligences in the World

"Multiple Intelligences in the World gives us a fresh new creative approach to a topic inherent in education. The author has done a splendid job in identifying those ideas of eminent individuals through the centuries whose contributions and lives represent multiple intelligences in expression." -- Joan Smutny, Director, Center for Gifted, National Louis University, Evanston, Illinois

"There are many books about multiple intelligences, but this one is unique. Maurice Fisher has assembled a rich collection of quotations and sources which allow the reader to dig deeply into all eight human intelligences. This is a book that will be of use to the scholar who wants to investigate the operation of the intelligences as well as the casual reader who wants to get a feeling for the several intelligences." -- Professor Howard Gardner, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

"This latest work by Maurice Fisher is in my opinion very important and useful for two reasons: (1) it summarizes virtually the entire field of giftedness; and (2) it is a personal reclaimer for myself as a lifetime scholar of giftedness." -- Virgil S. Ward, Professor Emeritus of Gifted Education, University of Virginia

"This book provides teachers/educators of the gifted with insight into the nature of human abilities. It will transform the way we view and educate the gifted. It is imperative for anyone on the cutting edge of education reform and innovation to read and assimilate its ideas." – Michael E. Walters, Teacher-Mentor, New York City Public Schools, and Professor, Touro College, New York City

Demonstrates Each Intelligence Though Hundreds of Quotations and Statements by Gifted Individuals from Modern to Ancient Times.

Contains Extensive Bibliographic References for Studying Each Intelligence.

Fully Indexed by Each Area of Intelligence.

Represents an Inspiring Demonstration of Human Achievements and Giftedness through the Multiple Intelligences Framework.

Includes Quotations and References for Individuals from all Areas of Achievement: Literature, Poetry, Humor, Writing, Speaking, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Scientific Research and Thinking, Philosophy, Music, Theatre, Sports, Dance, Comedy, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Personality Theory, Meditation, Analysis of the Human Condition, Existentialism, Political, Business and Military Leadership, the Observation and Classification of Nature, and Environmental Issues.


Among the Gifted Individuals Included in this Book are:

Verbal Linguistic – John Updike, Toni Morrison, William Styron, Clifton Fadiman, James Michener, J.K. Rowling, Ray Bradbury, A.S. Byatt, Ralph Ellison, Elie Wiesel, Czeslaw Milosz, Barbara Tuchman, Jorge Luis Borges, Albert Camus, Albert Schweitzer, C.S. Lewis, William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, Sholem Aleichem, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontλ, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, W.H.Auden, Wallace Stevens, John Keats.

Logical Mathematical – Maurice Ashley, Stephen Hawking, E.O. Wilson, B.F. Skinner, Jean Piaget, Jacob Bronowski, Bertrand Russell, Edith Hamilton, Albert Einstein, Rachel Carson, John Dewey, Neils Bohr, Hannah Arendt, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Immanuel Kant, Sir Issac Newton, Spinoza, Galileo, Maimonides, Aristotle, Socrates, Heraclitus.

Musical – Tony Bennett, Les Paul, Nat "King" Cole, Ray Charles, Ralph Ellison, Itzhak Perlman, Isaac Stern, Aaron Copland, Vladimir Horowitz, Sir Thomas Beecham, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Stravinsky, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Leonard Bernstein, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart.

Bodily Kinesthetic – Julie Andrews, Lauren Bacall, Marlon Brando, Sir John Geilgud, Sir Laurence Olivier, Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, Vivien Leigh, Ingmar Bergman, Steve Martin, Mel Brooks, Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, Dick Gregory, Lily Tomlin, Bob Hope, Eddie Cantor, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Cal Ripken, Jr., Yogi Berra, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Casey Stengel, Satchel Page, Vince Lombardi.

Visual Spatial – Ben Carson, Richard Feynman, Georgia O'Keefe, Buckminster Fuller, Dorothy Parker, Diane Arbus, Winston Churchill, Frank Lloyd Wright, Marc Chagall, Constantin Brancusi, Henri Cartier-Breson, Matisse, van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Monet, Thoreau, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Seneca, Su Tung-p'o.

Intrapersonal – Annie Dillard, Alan Watts, Clifton Fadiman, Norman Cousins, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Bruno Bettelheim, Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Paul Tillich, Erich Fromm, Hannah Arendt, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Thomas Merton, Martin Buber, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Nikos Kazantzakis, Mohandes K. Gandhi, Anne Frank, Jane Austin, Emily Dickinson, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Theodore Reik, Henry David Thoreau, Spinoza, Confucius.

Interpersonal – Colin Powell, Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Dole, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Betty Friedan, Abigail Van Buren, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Norman Vincent Peale, Albert Schweitzer, James Baldwin, Margaret Mead, Golda Meir, Charles De Gaulle, Omar Bradley, David Ben-Gurion, Helen Keller, Martin Buber, Dag Hammarskjold, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, W.E.B. Du Bois, George S. Patton, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Sigmund Freud, Booker T. Washington, Mary Wollstonecraft, George Eliot.

Naturalist – E.O. Wilson, Jonathan Weiner, Robert T. Bakker, Annie Dillard, Geerat Vermaij, John McPhee, Jane Goodall, Diane Ackerman, Neil Armstrong, Ashley Montagu, Carl Sagan, Jacques Cousteau, Edward Abbey, Konrad Lorenz, Lewis Thomas, Rachel Carson, Chief Joseph, Chief Seattle, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Aldo Leopold, William Faulkner, John Muir, George Washington Carver, Mark Twain, Jack London, John Burroughs, Charles Darwin, John James Audubon, John Keats, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Democritus.

Some important educational uses which can be made of this book are:

1. Provides a beneficial guide for studying a wide range gifted individuals in each area of intelligence.

2. Identifies individuals who are worthy of more detailed study through their quotations and related bibliographic references.

3. Can be used by students and teachers to set up studies of particular types of intelligence based on the common threads of ideas and personalities included under each intelligence.

4. Demonstrates how individuals can be gifted in many areas such as Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill and John Steinbeck.

5. Students who are gifted in a particular ability can use this book to identify role models for study and assessment.

6. Can be used as a part of a Multiple Intelligences and quotations based curriculum.




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