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Publisher of Books and Periodicals on Educating Gifted Students Materials for Teachers, Parents and Gifted Students.


During the last THIRTY-THREE YEARS, we have been publishing books on teaching gifted students. The books concentrate on the following areas:

Teaching Philosophy and Logic -- Middle and High School -- Four Books

Teaching Social Studies and Humanities -- Upper Elementary, Middle and High School -- Ten Books

Background for Teaching Gifted Students -- Kindergarten through High School -- Nine Books

Parenting Gifted Children -- All Ages -- Four Books

Mathematics, Science and Technology -- Upper Elementary through High School -- Nine Books

טכנאי מזגנים בחיפה

Differentiated STEM Education for Gifted Students

Creative Problem Solving and Teaching

These and our other publications (e.g., Gifted Education Press Quarterly and Gifted Education News-Page) are used by school districts across the nation. In addition, parents who are home schooling their gifted children find them to be very useful.


Maurice D. Fisher, Ph.D., has been the publisher of Gifted Education Press for the last thirty-three years. During this period, he has published books on identifying and educating the gifted. These books were written by authors located in school districts and universities across the nation.

He is also the publisher of Gifted Education Press Quarterly and Gifted Education News-Page, two periodicals that contain articles by educators of gifted students, and reviews of education and trade books. See the Gifted Education Press Web Site -- -- for information about these publications.

Dr. Fisher also worked in the Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia where he was responsible for evaluating gifted and special education programs. He received his doctorate in educational psychology and statistics from the University of Virginia and has degrees in experimental psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Michigan State University. He was also a post doctoral fellow and research associate at Stanford University's Center for Research in Teaching.  Prior to working in FCPS he was a grant proposal developer and research scientist at RMC Corporation in Mountain View, California and at Research Triangle Institute in Durham, North Carolina.


We want to publish more books on STEM Education for Gifted Students.

We are interested in authors who can write about Creative Thinlking and Problem Solving for Gifted Individuals.

We are in need of books on the topic of Environmental Sciences or Environmental Studies for Gifted Students. The book length should be 65 to 75 pages.

We are seeking articles for publication in future issues of Gifted Education Press Quarterly in the following areas.*

1. STEM Education for the gifted

2. Future and needs of gifted education in the United States

3. Identifying and educating gifted minority students

4. Mathematics and science education for the gifted

5. Study of technology such as robotics, aeronautics and rocket design

6. Developing creative thinking and problem solving

7. Humanities and literature education for the gifted

8. Identification and Education of Young Gifted Children

9. Role of music, art and dance in the education of gifted children

10. Use of MI Theory in gifted education

11. Parenting the gifted

12. Design of unique programs and methods for identifying gifted minority students

13. Special schools for the gifted

14. Strategies for effective parent advocacy

15. Training teachers of the gifted

16. Techniques for developing imagination and innovation among teachers and students

17. Innovative summer programs for gifted students

18. Impact of "No Child Left" Legislation on gifted education programs.

Article Length - 3000 to 4000 words.

*This list is by no means exhaustive.


We are also interested in publishing brief essays in Gifted Education News-Page of 450 to 550 words on topics related to the humanities (e.g., literature, philosophy), mathematics and the sciences (e.g., physics, biology).

Please contact me at if you would like to write an article or brief essay on any of the above topics or some other topic.  

See our Web Site to learn about previous articles published in Gifted Education Press Quarterly


In addition, the following URL provides a "Road Map" for all of our Advanced Differentiated Learning publications. It a guide to all of our books in math, science, the humanities, and methods of teaching the gifted.



Maurice Fisher, Ph.D.


Gifted Education Press