Endorsement of Ivan Frank's Book

Not From My Lesson Plans: A Teacherís Impact on the Social-Emotional Relationships and Characteristics of Twenty-Six Gifted High School Students


"In today's world the emphasis in public education is on the academic preparedness of the teacher and the academic achievement of the student. Ivan Frank, veteran and now retired teacher, through a series of 26 'pictures' of students whom he has taught in two large urban high schools, presents convincing support of his conclusion at the end of a long career that the schools serve students best when the academically competent teacher builds social relationships with them beyond those that occur in the formal classroom, but in informal settings, as well as in personal conversations, and in shared experiences outside the classroom. These informal settings and experiences do not appear in the teacher's lesson plan, but Frank sees teaching as far more than just imparting information. He sees it as, 'building a relationship with each and every one of the students.' "

Dr. Helen S. Faison, Former Acting Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools    

Currently Director of Pittsburgh Teachers Institute, Carnegie Mellon University and Chatham College

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